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Harrison Workplace Furnishings

Harrison Workplace Furnishings

Before founding Harrison Workplace Furnishings in 2018, Jimmy Harrison served as a rep for OED Marketing for 18 years. That almost two decades of experience in the office furniture industry provides an expertise in commercial, education and healthcare furniture that is unique in the Alabama market.

Our mission is two-fold: 1) provide the highest level of service possible, and 2) build business and revenue for the manufacturers we represent. We are actively growing the lines of furniture we represent, offering an ever-widening choice to our customers. In growing the lines we represent, our focus is on building a limited and select mix of lines that allow us to provide the kind of focus and attention that produces results.

Reach out to us by calling (205) 567-8084 or emailing us here.

Harrison Workplace Furnishing offers SitOnIt•Seating furnishings
Harrison Workplace Furnishing offers Three H furnishings
Harrison Workplace Furnishing offers DARRAN furnishings